Week of December 17, 2018

Class Objectives

BCA - Student will be introduced to Microsoft Office 365 Office 2016, creating memos, practice correct typing technique, skill building drills, and practice 3-min TW.
WP - Student will learn & practice formatting and layout design using Publisher 2016. 

Lesson Plans 1st HourBusiness Computer Applications 2nd HourWord Processing 3rd HourBusiness Computer Applications 4th HourInfo. Processing I/II (Yearbook) 5th HourBusiness Computer Applications 6th HourWord Processing
Monday Semester Review Publisher 2016
Semester Review
Yearbook Design

Semester Review

Publisher 2016
Tuesday Semester Test Publisher 2016
Semester Test Yearbook Design Semester Test Publisher 2016
Wednesday Make-Up Day Publisher 2016
Make-Up Day Yearbook Design Make-Up Day Publisher 2016