October 22

Physical Science: CH 7 Sect 3 Earth's moon. Students will know how the moon effects the tides on earth and the phases of the moon. Sect 3 HD.

Chemistry: CH 6 Chemical bonds: Students will know the difference between covalent and ionic bonds.End of chapter 16 to 20.

October 23. 

Physical science: CH 7 Origin of the moon. Students will know early theories and the modern theory about how the moon came to be. Assign ch 7 review

Chemistry: Students will be able to write formulas for compounds and balance the charge on the ions.Assign compound worksheet.

October 24

Physical Science: Rev ch 7

Chemistry: Lewis dot diagrams. Students will be able to show bonding in compounds using Lewis dot diagrams.

October 25. 

Physical Science CH 7 test

Chemistry: Lab. Students will construct models of 7 covalent compounds and assemble them.

October 26. 

Physical Science: Begin ch 8. The solar system: Students will know the characteristics of the inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Assign sect 1 HD

CHemistry: Finish model building activity.