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Daily Schedule

1st Period- 8:05-9:00: 7-2 Science (7th grade)

2nd Period- 9:05-10:00: 7-1 Science (7th grade)

3rd Period- 10:05-11:00: 7-3 Science (7th grade)

4th Period- 11:05- 11:55: 8-1 Science (8th grade)

Lunch- 11:45 to 12:15

5th Period- 12:20- 1:20: 8-2 Science (8th grade)

6th Period- 1:25- 2:20: Conference

7th Period- 2:25- 3:25: 8-3 Science (8th grade)

 Week of December 4-8, 2023

7th Grade- Digestive system

Objectives: Identify the functions of the digestive system; The different organs and accessory organs of the digestive system; Discuss how the digestive system helps the body maintain homeostasis; Identify the functions of each of the organs; Discuss the various types of disorders and diseases that affect the digestive system; Identify and label the digestive system.


8th Grade- Earthquakes

Objectives: Identify the 4 main faults found in the Earth’s tectonic plates; Discuss the theory of how these plates move; Identify the differences in how these faults move; Discuss the difference between the epicenter and the focus of an earthquake; Identify the differences in seismic waves and what they can travel through;  Discuss the importance of earthquakes and how scientists use them to study Earth’s interior.


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